A Geographical Information System, workbench and repository to retrieve, collect, create, enrich and preserve historical temporalized spatial data sets

Data Upload
02 Apr 2019
We uploaded data on the crownlands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire 1867 - 1918
First Data Dump Released
29 Mar 2019
As promised at DHd2019, a first dump of HistoGIS data is now available here: DOI
HistoGIS: Vom Punkt zur Fl├Ąche in Raum und Zeit
27 Mar 2019
Vortrag bei der DHd2019
More Data Uploaded
06 Mar 2019
Data on German Provinces between the Proclamation of the Empire 1871 and the end of the First World War has been uploaded.
New Data Upload
23 Jan 2019
Province borders for Prussia and Hesse-Darmstadt between 1815 and 1870 are now available.
New Data
21 Jan 2019
European State Borders from 1900 are now available. Western Europe will not change its shape until after World War 1, but watch out for interesting times in the Balkans region!
More Data Uploaded
15 Jan 2019
Data on European state borders from 1815 is now available. Take a look at Europe in the aftermath of the Congress of Vienna!
New Data Upload
05 Dec 2018
New data is available! Find out about the borders of the German Empire from 1871-1920 and explore how the Austrian crownland borders changed in the early 19th century.
First Final Data Upload
15 Jan 2019
Data on German state borders from 1815 to 1870 is online!
New Design
31 Aug 2018
The HistoGIS Web app has a brand new look. Thanks to our colleague Sandra for creating the fancy HistoGIS logo.




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